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PROLOGUE · 1 · He sighs... Empty PROLOGUE · 1 · He sighs...

Post by Story Teller on Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:22 pm

A plushie is laying on the floor, lifeless, as any abandonned plushie would. It is a black and white bear, and frankly, it is oddly hideous. Rather, I have never seen such an ugly plushed bear.
“What did you just say?”
Monokuma rises from the dead and angrily stares into nothingness. When he has finally realized that there is no one here and he is probably clinically insane by this point, he lets himself pathetically fall back down.
“Aaaah…” he sighs.
“My gorgeous self is oh! So bored…”
He tries to get back up but quickly gives up. He then stays silent for a few seconds before he starts complaining again.
“It’s always the same things… Always the same games…”
A pause.
“All around me are familiar faces… Worn out places…”
Will this damn thing ever shut up?
He hurriedly gets up and long claws come out of his little plushie paws while he looks around angrily – but he does not see anything and sighs again as he gives up.
“Well, anyway…
A bear’s gotta work.”

He starts walking around in a circle, sadly looking down.
“But if only there was something I could do… To change things up… Ah, how sad will I be if they stay the same…”
He stops for a second, and suddenly jumps up in joy.
“Of course! I know! Oh, how happy we will be!”
Had he a real face, would he certainly grin evilly.
“Upupu… This is exciting already.”
He pauses again.
This wonderful idea is already making me much happier.
Now, my honey… I’m gonna keep you a little longer.”

And away he goes, walking happily. He definitely looks like he is up to something bad… And always has this one half of him looked like that.
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