CHAPTER 1 · 4 · What we eat

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CHAPTER 1 · 4 · What we eat

Post by Story Teller on Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:43 pm

I may have spent too much time in the shower. I don’t really know, as I’ve lost all consciousness of the way time passes. I feel much better however, and not only because showers usually make me feel good, but because I feel kind of… proud, I guess, that I actually got up and did something normal and healthy. It’s silly, I know, everyone takes showers everyday, or at least I hope so, but right now, it feels special.
Because I’ve been ridiculously irresponsible for I don’t know how long.
It’s a bit disappointing, though, that I have to put on the same clothes I was wearing the whole time before. I took some fresh clothes in the closet, but they’re the exact same… These ones are clean, that’s for sure, but apart from that, they just look and feel the same.
“It’s not the worst thing that’s happening here…”
From Benjamin not telling me anything regarding murder, I’m guessing everyone’s okay. Plus, if I remember his stupid rules well, if there had been a murder, the one to come wake me up would have been Monokuma…
Now that I think about it, it’s odd that *he* never came to wake me up so that I could entertain him or something. He’s wicked like that, isn’t he?
Anyway, I get out of the bathroom, and Benjamin’s still in my room, waiting for me.
“Still don’t want a snack?”
“To be honest, I’m still not feeling it now… I’d rather wait a little and eat something from the kitchen whenever I’m up to it.”
“Sounds good. I’m glad to be hearing you having ideas.”
I laugh awkwardly. I guess that’s how it is, right now… I recall him being relieved that I accepted to go out and see the others. I can’t see the situation from outside of my own body, but I’m guessing me disappearing, not eating or drinking and being depressed must have been really worrying. That’s the main reason I want to get out, actually, since it makes me feel bad to know that Ciel is worried about me.
And getting out of my room is the first step towards getting out of this academy… to see those who worry about me from the outside once again.
I turn around to open the door, and I hesitate for one second. I must be feeling anxious, or maybe a little bit guilty… Benjamin assured me that everyone would be happy to see me, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve been an annoyance, and now whatever I may do, I’ll always be one. It’ll annoy them if I stay in, I’ll annoy them if I have to reintegrate the group, and they won’t forget that I locked myself in my room anyway. I’ve doomed myself, it seems, and now I have to live with that anguish.
At least until we get out forever.
I finally open the door and find myself in the dormitory, which I don’t really recognize. I never really looked at it before, and this unfamiliar building being the first thing I see makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable.
“It’s noon already, people must be in the dining room. ”
“Oh, so that’s why there’s nobody…”
“Okay,” I accidentally mumble.
I force myself to walk quickly as I head to the main building. Benjamin follows me without a word.

“Emily doesn’t want to eat pasta again either!”
“Then maybe Emily should learn how to cook?”
“Emily knows how to cook!”
“What can she cook?”
“Oh my G-”
“This is why no one wants to eat with us.”
“I’m hearing those who eat at 2 have a great cook…”
“If you leave, do you think this thing will follow you?”
“Emily is but a thing!”
“We’ve already lost Chloe, guys.”
“I mean, we could just all agree to eat at 1 or something of the sort…”
“This is a fight I’m refusing to lose!”
“Fucking true, these guys are weirdos.”
“I do wonder why I ever picked a team…”
I’m feeling a bit lost.
“Please meet the “noon team”. These idiots had an actual fight over what time’s the best time to eat, and while everyone actually gets along greatly otherwise, when it comes to eating lunch they’re at each other’s guts. Except no one in the noon team can actually cook anything without burning it.”
“Wha… But… No one cares…”
“Listen guys, just let me try and cook somethi-”
“I would rather not.”
They seem to be too concentrated on their conversation to notice me or Benjamin… Until someone who hasn’t been talking turns around, looks at me and smiles.
It’s Noah, who quickly walks to me, naturally without a word, especially since his translator is too busy insisting she won’t burn the broccoli this time, and I wonder what he’s planning to do for a second, trying to think of something to tell him – until he suddenly gets close to me and hugs me.
“Wow, what the heck…”
I… actually needed that?
I am so surprised I haven’t even moved when he lets go, and walks back a step, looking at me and smiling. And to be honest, I’m still not moving. I’m trying to assess how much I needed a hug and didn’t realize, how this is the strongest I must have ever gotten, and how it’s Noah who decided to walk to me and hug me. And I’m smiling like an idiot too, because this is both amusing and relieving...
“Wait, where is-”
“Oooh! Oooh! Oooooh! Neo’s back! Neo’s back!”
Emily suddenly notices us and she runs towards me, only stopping right next to Noah to clap enthusiastically.
“Neo’s a cool guy! I wanted him to come back!”
And since of course Emily can’t go unnoticed, everyone else now walks towards me.
“Oh, Isabella’s so relieved. Wait, what did I just-”
“Ah, finally some good news!”
“Yeah, I’m totally happy you came back. Who are you again?”
“Shut the hell up, girl. Noah says welcome back.”
I’m kind of overwhelmed, and not knowing how to respond at first, I turn around to look at Benjamin… Who isn’t behind me anymore.
“Searching for the fortune teller? He just disappears sometimes. I think he’s just scared of my terrific spaghetti.”
“He does..?”
“Ah, ah, Emily wanted to hear Neo’s beautiful voice again!”
“Ooooh, thanks?”
Well, this is definitely a very sweet greeting. Noah, Chris, Andi, Isabella and Emily are all standing around me, suddenly forgetting that not one of them can cook anything else than spaghetti. I still don’t know what to say, deep down feeling guilty that I haven’t been with these nice people during their hardships, but also being confused by their enthusiasm and… chill, actually.
“So, what were you doing back there? You didn’t have any food, did ya? In that case, you may want to hang out with the other group. We can’t cook for shit.”
Well, it seems they haven’t forgotten.
“Come on, it’s not *that* bad.”
“You’re cool and all but you managed to burn a broccoli. And your boyfriend over there, I don’t know what he did but I thought he’d tried to poison me!”
I turn to Noah, who just shrugs, not seeming to care much.
“He’s not my boyf- how about you try to cook the broccoli next time?”
“Listen sweethearts, I don’t think Neo really cares whether you can cook the only vegetable you seem to know… Let’s concentrate on him for now, shouldn’t we?”
Indeed I don’t, and while I’m not sure I really need attention immediately, I think I need some context.
“Hm-hm, I’m not even that hungry.”
“You’re right, Isabella. Plus, the guy’s gotta be confused, right?”
I nod.
“You disappeared for four days, dude, we thought you were dead! I don’t know how the hell Miss Lois found a way to get into your room, but I’m glad she did.”
“Though Benjamin’s the one who came… Apparently, she doesn’t want to see me.”
Wow, I actually hadn’t considered that yet. It does hurt a little, doesn’t it? I guess she’s still mad at me for being so stupid.
“Wow, what a bitch. If she’d made the effort you’d already been out and prancing a few hours ago.”
What a wha-
“Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. You should show yourself to the others, I know a bunch who’ll be relieved! Unless you want to eat something first..?”
“Uuuh… Uuuh… No, thanks, I think I’ll wait a little, actually.”
“Yes, me too. I’m waiting for 2 in the afternoon.”
“Oh nooo, now Emily has to leave too~”
“Wait, no, you can’t do that..!”
Noah pouts.
“Chris, sometimes you’ve got to admit defeat…”
“I don’t feel like it at all!”
“Please, I’ll learn about other vegetables! Carrots, don’t you like carrots?”
“Oh, uh, I think there were some carrots in what Noah cooked. I may actually be traumatized.”
There they go again…
But Emily taps me on the shoulder and whispers loudly:
“The others are hanging out in the auditoriuuuum~”
“Oh, thanks, Emily!”
She seems proud of herself, so I smile to her, and I try to smile to anyone who crosses my sight, then quickly turn around, eager to see more people.
And that’s all there is, actually. If I hadn’t been so anxious to show myself to the others too, I could have stayed here, listening to their silly fight. It’s actually extremely relieving to see people acting so lightheartedly when I thought everything was terrible for so long… And I’m starting to really want to be close to all these people.
This is all it’s making me think… If we work together, if we form bonds, if we talk about the silly things that make up life, we’ll only be stronger to fight what’s standing before us. And that’s what I think as I cross the empty hall to get into the auditorium, which I clearly remember as being the place where I was blinded a few times by someone I would have loved to be with this whole time..!
I walk in, and everyone’s sitting on the comfortable-looking red chairs, not far from the door. Someone immediately notices me.
“Welcome back.”
Oscar soberly welcomes me, and the others all suddenly turn around. I hear a few gasps.
“Ah, right as I was starting to get really worried.”
Most remain seated, but Mina and Akiro get up and close to me.
“Man, I-I, I thought we’d never get to see you again…”
“Pff, I knew you’d come back.”
“Well… I’m so glad to see you’re okay.”
“Yeah, me too, evidently. I’m guessing Benjamin brought you here.”
“Uh, actually, he brought me to the dining room first. But Emily told me you’d be here…”
I look around, and everyone seems pleasantly surprised. I keep looking, though, and while I can’t make out any thought out of it, not seeing someone makes my heart sink…
“Something worrying you, boy?”
“Ah, uuh…”
“If you’re searching for Ciel, he’s guarding the weaponry room. Is that it?”
“Y-yes, actually! And, oh. Oh okay, thanks. Uuuuh…”
I nervously scratch my head. I’m so awkward it hurts. I don’t want to seem too needy, though, especially after I disappeared for so long without letting anyone know why, so I raise my head and force myself to smile, hoping it’ll eventually come naturally.
“Well, thanks for welcoming me back. I’m… glad to see you guys again. Really.”
“Glad to hear tha-”
“Of course you are.”
“I know I’ve asked this question already, but what’s this little girl’s damage?”
Mina completely ignores her.
“Anyway, reassure me. They didn’t make you eat their poison soup, did they?”
“Poison soup..?”
“Seems that they didn’t. Trust me, you’d know.”
“How can their cooking be that terrible..?!”
“Haha, you-you’ll see, we have a much better cook.”
Someone who has been sitting in the back, not saying anything the whole time, hesitantly walks towards me.
“That we do…”
She looks at me from head to toe, and then stares me right in the eyes.
“Is… something the matter?”
She pouts.
“No… I’m just confused, that’s all. I’m reassured to see you again.”
“It’s okay to be confused. We all are, sometimes.”
“Yeah… Yeah, it’s fine! Don’t sweat it!”
I try my best to say enthusiastic, and I have to say, once again, seeing everyone so calm and happy really helps.
“I hope so...”
“I’m glad to see everyone is okay too. I feel much better already.”
“The more the merrier. We gotta believe that everything’s gonna stay fine.”
“Y-Yeah! These few days have just been feeling like… some weird kind of vacation.”
“Except a little more angsty.”
Akiro says the next one a little lower.
“Well, I’m kinda used to being angsty on vacation…”
“Then let’s not stay angsty this time! Neo showing up again proves that we’re on the right path. You want to see Ciel, don’t you? They’ll be so glad to see you. You think Akiro’s anxious? You haven’t seen them any time we mention you.”
“L-let’s try to not use me as a scale of what being anxious means, shall we?”
“Hmm… I’ll consider that. Anyway, you remember where the weaponry room is, right? You should head there.”
I nod again, happy to see everyone getting along nicely, and looking forward to seeing my new friend again.
“Don’t forget to come back before 2pm, though. Jan’s a terrific cook. He said we’d get steaks today!”
“Okay, I’ll make sure I’m here! And I think the other group will be there too. I doubt they’re going to get much to eat it today.”
“Looking forward to victory.”
Jan’s calm as ever, but he seems to be hiding that he’s actually excited about what I just said. I can’t tell for sure, though, if he’s actually as invested in this as Chris is in secret, or if for some reason he just likes to cook for more people. He’s so cool about everything, I keep overthinking it. Anyway, I look at everyone one last time with a smile stuck on my face.
“See you all soon, then!”
I turn around and carefully close the door as I leave. I walk towards the stairs, ignoring the complaints I can still hear coming from the dining room. Now optimistic again, it feels like I’m forgetting everything that’s happened before.
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