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Post by Story Teller on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:17 pm

Hello everyone!
Before you post anything else, you have to fill this form and post it in the Presentation category. Thanks in advance!

Name or nickname: (Mandatory!)
Age: ...
How did you discover the forum? (Mandatory!)
What's your favourite Danganronpa game? ...
Who's your favourite character from Murder Fabrication so far? ...
Hidden sentence (from the rules): (Mandatory!)
More info?:

<div align="center"><div style="center; background-color: #506178; width: 550px; padding: 5px;">
<span style="font-size: 32px;">Username</span>
<div align="justify"><b>Name or nickname:</b> (Mandatory!)
<b>Age:</b> ...
<b>How did you discover the forum?</b> (Mandatory!)
<b>What's your favourite Danganronpa game?</b> ...
<b>Who's your favourite character from Murder Fabrication so far?</b> ...
<b>Hidden sentence (from the rules):</b> (Mandatory!) [hide]here[/hide]
<b>More info?:</b>
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